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London announces significant differences in trade discussions with the EU

The UK remains committed to a free trade agreement with the European Union by mid-October, but serious differences remain in the negotiations. This was announced on Thursday by British negotiator David Frost following a round of discussions that ended in London.

“We had a useful exchange of views. However, a number of problem areas remain, and disagreements on some of them are still significant,” Frost said in a statement released today. “We remain focused on working hard to reach an agreement by mid-October, as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined earlier this week,” the negotiator added.

“From the very beginning of this process, we have consistently and clearly stated the grounds on which an agreement between us is possible. These grounds remain. We have held discussions on all fronts. We have continually made proposals that provide for open and fair competition to the highest standards.” Frost said. He stressed that it has always been in London's interest to conclude a free trade agreement such as that between sovereign and autonomous partners.

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