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The Netherlands decided to accept 100 refugees from the burnt-out camp in Lesbos

The Netherlands decided to accept 100 refugees from the burnt-out camp in Lesbos

The Dutch government is “open to Greece's request” to accept a group of refugees and their families from the burnt-out Moriah refugee camp, said Deputy Minister of Justice Anki Brookers-Knoll, the Greek newspaper Kathimerini reported on September 10.

According to the statement, the Netherlands is ready to accept 50 unaccompanied children, as well as 50 more parents with children.

“In these extraordinary circumstances ... extraordinary initiatives are required,” the official said.

It should be noted that Camp Moriah burned down on September 9 in two fires. Thousands of people spent the night on the road. There were 13 thousand people in the camp with an estimated capacity of about 3 thousand. It is reported that there were no dead, and the fire allegedly occurred as a result of the actions of coronavirus-infected refugees who did not want to move to quarantine.

The Greek authorities took from the island to the hotels of Greece 408 children who were left without adult escorts. Another 2000 people were temporarily accommodated on military and private vessels that arrived at the shores of Lesbos. Thousands of people spent the night in the open air.

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