Libyan conflict parties sign a comprehensive agreement in Morocco

Libyan conflict parties sign a comprehensive agreement in Morocco

Representatives of the delegations of the House of Representatives and the Supreme State Council made a joint statement on the achievement of common agreements on September 10 in Morocco, the Libyan channel 218 TV reported.

Following the meetings held in Buznik, Morocco, delegations issued a joint statement confirming that a “comprehensive agreement” had been reached on criteria and transparent mechanisms for taking sovereign positions.

The statement also said that the two sides agreed to resume meetings in the last week of September to complete the necessary procedures to ensure compliance with the agreement.

The statement calls on the UN and the international community to support Morocco's efforts to ensure the appropriate conditions and create the right climate for achieving a comprehensive political settlement in Libya.

Recall that on August 21, the parties to the Libyan conflict published statements on the cessation of hostilities. Until now, the parties have not held general negotiations and worked only through mediators. In this regard, direct negotiations in Morocco are a step forward in working out practical terms for an armistice.

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