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The US military has successfully tested robots to patrol the territory

The United States Air Force has conducted one of the largest robotic military exercises in history — an integral future Advanced Combat Management System, designed to track and eliminate threats to aircraft. The exercises, which spanned 30 different locations across the United States, tested artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and 4G and 5G networking technologies that should be part of a complete ABMS.

In addition, for the first time during the exercise, the Vision 60 models from Ghost Robotics were used. During a military exercise, several robots landed near a Nevada airbase, where they patrolled the area.

According to US Air Force Sergeant Lee Boston, robots are designed to collect data about the area so that the military does not have to move far away from it — and expose themselves to potential danger beyond its borders.

As noted by Ghost Robotics, Vision 60 is intended for reconnaissance activities, as well as for collecting and exchanging data on the terrain and its mapping. The robots are designed to move freely over any type of terrain.

The US military has not yet disclosed details of either its advanced combat control system or the use of the Vision 60. But they emphasize that in the future, the speed of data collection and processing will become one of the key factors in achieving military superiority and, ultimately, victory.

The robots, according to The Drive, will be able to transfer the necessary computer systems to hard-to-reach places — for example, they will sneak behind enemy lines and intercept their communications. Even creating a map of the area (which is a more achievable goal) can play an important role during a military operation.

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