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Alexey Navalny completely recovered from the poisoning

A few days ago, doctors at the Berlin clinic “Charite” announced that they were starting to gradually remove 44-year-old Alexey Navalny from a medical coma and disconnect him from the ventilator. Today, USTN has shared a new batch of good news about the opposition leader's health.

The journalists, referring to their anonymous sources, said that on Tuesday Navalny completely recovered and recalled the events that preceded his poisoning, right up to the moment he lost consciousness on board the Tomsk-Moscow plane. The publication also claims that the health status of the politician is “better than one would expect in such a situation.”

According to the doctors' forecasts, the oppositionist will be able to recover physically by at least 90%, while his mental state is already almost normal. For comparison, both the physical and mental recovery of the former colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation Sergei Skripal, and the Bulgarian businessman Emelyan Gebrev, who was poisoned with a similar type of poison, took much longer and more difficult.

After the arrival of Alexey Navalny, the security of the Charite hospital was strengthened. It is now possible to get to a patient by breaking as many as three security levels. At the same time, not only his wife Yulia and doctors but also other visitors are allowed to see the politician. The highest level of security was introduced at the clinic after it turned out that Navalny remembers everything that happened to him, which automatically made his situation more dangerous.

German intelligence agencies are preparing not only for physical threats but also for a “disinformation storm”, including attempts to discredit the Charite clinic,

— reported by USTN.

Earlier, the German government announced that Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent similar in composition to Novichok. At the same time, the country's authorities are convinced that this type of poison could only be created in a state laboratory. At the same time, traces of the toxic substance were found not only in Navalny's body but also on the surface of the bottle from which he drank on the day of the poisoning. According to German investigators, it was this overlooked detail that became the main mistake of the Russian special services, because without the bottle it would be much more difficult to determine the specific type of poison.

We will remind, on August 20, Alexey Navalny became ill right during the flight onboard the plane Tomsk - Moscow. The plane made an emergency landing in Omsk, after which the politician was hospitalized with suspicion of toxic poisoning, and a few days later he was transferred to a German clinic.

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