Civil defense sirens tested in Germany

The leadership of the federal states of Germany decided to conduct similar tests on the second Thursday of September every year.

Civil defense sirens sounded throughout Germany. For the first time in 30 years, a test Warning Day, September 10, was held.

Exactly at 11.00, sirens sounded in many settlements for a minute. At 11.20, they also announced the end of the action within a minute.

It is indicated that the city leaders themselves decided on the use of sirens. In the capital of the country — Berlin — sirens are not used due to the fact that the city is “densely populated”. But across the country, people were warned through the media, social media, and the NINA mobile app — the phone also vibrated for a minute.

Since 2015, those who have installed this program (this is more than 7.5 million people) receive warnings and recommendations for actions in case of an emergency.

The federal states have decided to conduct similar tests on the second Thursday of September every year, starting in 2020. We are talking about prevention in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, terrorist attacks, or other situations that threaten massive violence, power outages, etc.

We will remind, in the year before last, residents of Florida received a notification from the authorities about the invasion of zombies. Almost eight thousand people received the message.

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