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Seven UN employees killed in Yemen by COVID-19

Officially, 1999 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the country, but the organization considers this number to be biased.

Seven UN employees during a mission in Yemen contracted coronavirus infection and died from complications of the disease. Asharq Al-Awsat reported about it on Wednesday, September 9.

It is noted that dozens more of the organization's employees who are in the Arab country as part of humanitarian programs are infected with the new COVID-19.

According to official data, 1999 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Yemen, of which 576 ended in death and 1209 in recovery.

However, according to the UN, the Yemeni authorities conduct an insufficient number of tests, as a result of which the data on the epidemiological situation in the country is not entirely objective. In fact, there could be tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases in a country.

As reported earlier, the UN named Yemen the country with the highest death rate from coronavirus in the world. So, in the city of Aden, 17% of those infected died of the consequences of COVID-19.

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