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Poland wants to ensure the energy security of Europe

On the air of Polish TV, the press secretary of the government of the republic Piotr Muller said that “we need to consider different options if we are talking about energy security” and proposed the Baltic Pipe as an alternative to the Russian gas pipeline. According to him, “Poland is open to use the infrastructure that it is building for its energy security.”

At first glance, this sounds solid, but in reality, it is completely frivolous. First, the Baltic Pipe is not a real gas pipeline, but for the time being only a supposed gas pipeline. Secondly, it must be borne in mind that transporting natural gas from Norway to Poland, via Denmark, will be an expensive pleasure.

And the question is: why should European countries overpay? Moreover, there are no guarantees that the deliveries will be regular. What will happen, for example, if Denmark suddenly decides to take a little more from the pipe that comes from Norway? Let's not forget that Norwegian gas reserves are depleting, while the reserves of the Yamal field, from which gas will flow through the Nord Stream 2 pipes, are designed for 110 years.

Anyway, it would be foolish to believe in the promises to provide Europe with gas, which is given by a country that cannot even provide itself. It seems that the EU is able to understand this simple idea.

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