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TOP 10 most unusual sports training simulators

If in the old days in the gym there were only weights, dumbbells, and barbells with pancakes, now for training each fitness center has a set of a wide variety of simulators. In the rapidly developing fitness industry, manufacturers are actively responding to demand and producing a wide variety of equipment. Let's see where this progress has led.

1. TrekDesk — a desktop with a treadmill

TOP 10 most unusual sports training simulators

A busy work schedule does not allow everyone to break into the fitness room. It is for such workers that the American manufacturer of exercise equipment has released TrekDesk, which allows you to simultaneously do work and walk. The exercise machine is adjustable in shape and height. The developer assures that the technique will not distract from work in any way, since walking is a mechanical and not a mental process. Three hours of this “walk” allows you to reach a daily rate of 10,000 steps. The equipment costs about $300.

2. IQflow training simulator

Home sports corner equipment is a dream of many active people. But where, in a limited space, can you find a free space in an apartment for exercise equipment and harmoniously fit them into the interior? Angelo Maculu took care of this by creating IQflow, a training block disguised as furniture. The equipment is equipped with a laptop, on which one of the training programs offered by the manufacturer is programmed. The trainer is designed for all muscle groups, but for such a pleasure you will have to fork out $8,000.

3. Wardrobe-horizontal bar and table-beams

Do you like the idea of disguising sports equipment like furniture?

A designer from the Czech Republic, Lucy Koldova, has developed a more budget-friendly option for home training — a wardrobe with a variety of crossbars. The kit also includes a chair that can be turned over, getting bars, which allows you to work out the pectoral muscles and triceps in detail. The complex called Home Fitness was highly praised by the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague.

4. Exercise bike lamp

Italian Gionata Gato thought about creating not only compact but also environmentally friendly simulators. The inventor presented his brainchild in 2010 in Milan at the design week. The principle of the concept is simple: in order not to be left without light, you need to pedal a simulator combined with an LED lamp. Running a stationary bike for two minutes will provide electricity for about 30 minutes.

5. Exercise bike without axle

Another Italian designer Luca Schieppati is thinking about creating functional sports equipment with an original design. His axleless Ciclotte exercise bike is a masterpiece with a carbon, steel, and fiberglass wheel, steering wheel, and pedals. The load can be increased or decreased on the touch screen, and landscapes flash on the display during exercise. Equipment price from 8,500 euros.

6. Bicycle massager in the Fit Wet bathroom

The inventors loved creating exercise bikes. Every year more and more original and strange products are presented to the consumer. One of these is Fit Wet — equipment that combines an exercise bike with a bathtub and hydromassage. Since pedaling underwater is harder, training is more energy-intensive, which allows you to shed those extra pounds faster. Research has shown that 30 minutes on the Fit Wet equals two hours on a classic stationary bike. And massage allows you to keep your muscles in good shape.

7. Bicycle with a treadmill

Cycling and running are effective cardio workouts. What if you combine both exercises into one? This is exactly what Bicycle Forest did by unveiling their invention called the Treadmill Bike, an exercise bike that has a treadmill instead of pedals. You are jogging and the bike is moving — it's very simple. The question arises, why? The manufacturer claims that this way you will not have to drive or run through puddles and mud.

8. Vacuum treadmill

The exercise machine combines a cycle track with a vacuum capsule. A person moves in a special capsule, which complicates movement, and the vacuum increases blood circulation and delivers water to the subcutaneous tissue, forcing the body to burn fat faster on the thighs, buttocks, and in the abdomen.

9. Office training chair GymyGym

When the work takes up a lot of time, the GymyGym office chair, which combines 16 machines for different muscle groups, will allow you to stay in shape without distracting from the work process.

10. Trainer slippers

You can also train with wardrobe items. Chinese inventors removed the heel support from the slippers, changing the shape of the sole, thereby forcing the muscles of the legs to strain when walking to maintain balance. Thus, the sneakers perfectly load the gluteal and calf muscles, as well as the hamstrings.

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