The trade agreement with the United States: China made a statement

PRC and United States Working Groups Promoting Bilateral Trade and Economic Negotiations “Continue to Close Ties”

China seeks to sign the first part of a trade agreement with the United States of America. This was stated by the representative of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng.

“China is ready to work together with the United States to eliminate mutual concerns to achieve the first stage of the deal, which at the same time will have to satisfy the interests of both parties and be of an equal and mutually beneficial character,” he said.

According to Gao Feng, the working groups of the competent departments of the PRC and the United States, engaged in promoting bilateral trade and economic negotiations, “continue to maintain close contacts.” He did not give details of the upcoming Sino-US trade agreement, stressing that its signing “is beneficial both to the United States and China and to the whole world.”

US President Donald Trump said earlier that negotiations on the first phase of the agreement are proceeding successfully, he hopes to conclude a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping when work on the agreement is completed.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the US and Chinese authorities are choosing a place to conclude agreements that will cover about 60% of the future trade agreement.

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