Masks on the beach and in the park: quarantine is tightened in Turkey

Turkey is introducing new quarantine measures due to the increase in the number of infections with coronavirus infection COVID-19, now masks will have to be worn even in parks and on beaches. This was reported by the Turkish edition of Anadolu.

On Tuesday, September 8, Turkish authorities reported 1,761 new cases of the new coronavirus, and more than 1,000 recovered. According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, the total number of people infected in the country has reached 283,270, the number of deaths associated with the coronavirus has risen to 6,782, and 1,159 patients are now in critical condition.

“The number of critically ill patients continues to grow. We are suffering heavy losses. What will stop this situation is the widespread enforcement of quarantine measures,” said Health Minister Fahrettin Koca.

It is noted that the governors of all provinces of the country received an order to strengthen quarantine.

According to him, masks must be worn in public places throughout Turkey, including in parks and on beaches.

Now in city buses, it is prohibited to carry standing passengers if there is no way to ensure the distance between them.

In addition, concerts and other similar entertainment in restaurants and hotels after 24:00 are prohibited.

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