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Brazil allows Huawei equipment to be used in 5G networks

Brazil allows Huawei equipment to be used in 5G networks

Vice-President of Brazil Antonio Hamilton Mourau admits the possibility of using the equipment of the Chinese Huawei for the development of fifth-generation (5G) cellular networks in the territory of the largest South American state. The politician said this during an interview.

“The Chinese company will have to meet our requirements in terms of transparency, security, and compliance with the law. And this must be clearly indicated in the auction for the use of frequencies,” the deputy head of state explained, noting that the operation of such networks will not be carried out by Huawei itself, but by national cellular operators. Those companies that do not agree with the terms of state auctions will simply not take part in them, the politician summed up.

He also recalled that today about 30% of the infrastructure of the national networks of fourth-generation (4G) mobile communications are already operating on the equipment of the Chinese company. “It's not some seven-headed beast,” Murray said. In his opinion, the dispute over the supplier of equipment for 5G networks is a consequence of the trade and technological war between Washington and Beijing, in which Brazil should “be guided by its own interests, show pragmatism, and flexibility.”

A 5G radio frequency auction in Brazil is scheduled for 2021. The main controversy is over the choice of equipment suppliers for these purposes, the main contenders along with Huawei are the Swedish Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia.

In July, US Ambassador to Brazil Todd Chapman told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that if Huawei equipment is used, the largest Latin American republic “will face the consequences.” A month earlier, he also announced the possibility of financing the future development of 5G technologies in the country with funds from the American Corporation for Financing for International Development, noting that relevant negotiations were already underway.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said last week that he will personally decide on the development of 5G technologies. Earlier in June, he said that this issue would be resolved “taking into account the requirements of national sovereignty, information security, and foreign policy factors.”

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