An important witness in the case of impeachment Trump may be hidden at a US military base

US military conducts a witness safety assessment

The U.S. Army will defend a key witness in the impeachment case of Trump, Lt. Col. Alexander Windman and his family. If necessary, they can be transferred to a military base. It is reported by Reuters.

It is noted that Windman during the investigation of the impeachment of President Donald Trump is concerned about his safety.

"A US spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity said the army is conducting a security assessment because Windman expressed concern about the safety of his family. The official added that Windman and his family could be relocated to the base if the threat to him increases." - the message says.

The official also added that the army would take similar precautionary measures if any of the military personnel addresses such problems.

Alexander Windman was among those who listened to Trump’s July telephone conversation with Zelensky and that he intended to accuse the American leader of undermining national security.

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