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A plane with Hillary Clinton urgently landed in New York

American Airlines Passenger Plane On Board of which Ex-Secretary of State Was Defective

Photo: Julio Cortez / REUTERS

In the United States, there was a breakdown with the board of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who had previously refused to participate in the US presidential election in 2020.

According to CNN, on the afternoon of November 17, an American Airlines passenger plane, on which Clinton flew from New York to Washington, had to return to the departure airport and make an emergency landing due to a technical malfunction.

According to the pilots, after takeoff, the airliner began to shake, and employees say that smoke came from the aircraft after landing. In addition, a metal chip was found near the aircraft.

Later, passengers were able to fly to Washington on another flight.

Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment on the incident.

Recall that last year a similar incident happened with the board on which the first lady of the United States Melania Trump was located — the plane was forced to return to the joint Andrews base in Maryland due to a “technical problem” that led to smoke in the cabin.

Also, this year it became known about the terrible incident that happened with the Dukes of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William during their official stay in Pakistan — the royal couple’s plane got into a storm and almost crashed.

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