Trump accused the Pentagon of seeking wars to enrich the military-industrial complex

The Pentagon's leadership seeks to wage wars to help enrich the military-industrial complex. This was announced at a press conference by U.S. President Donald Trump, the broadcast was published on Twitter of the White House.

"I'm not saying that the military loves me, but the soldiers do. The leaders at the Pentagon probably don't, because they don't want anything more than to wage war so that all these great companies that make bombs, planes, and everything else are happy," Trump said.

The president added that under his leadership, the U.S. "is emerging from endless wars. Trump talked about it, criticizing his rival in the upcoming presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden. According to the American leader, Biden sent the youth "to fight in these crazy endless wars".

At the same time, Trump noted that thanks to him the complete destruction of the militants of the "Islamic State" was achieved. "We destroyed 100% of the caliphate of IGIL," he said. After that, he said, he offered to return the American soldiers to their homeland.

Trump has repeatedly criticized wars involving U.S. service members. Thus, last autumn he called the sending of troops to the Middle East the worst decision of the U.S. authorities in the country's history. According to him, fighting between different groups in the Middle East had been going on for "hundreds of years" and the United States should not have interfered.

He also said U.S. troops are not obliged to secure Syria's border with Turkey and must leave the country.

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