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The number of new cases of COVID-19 in the world for the week increased by 4.2%

Over the past week from August 31 to July 6, 1,881,136 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the world, which is 4.2% more than a week earlier — global statistics on the incidence of COVID-19.

The week before last, from 24 to 30 August, 1,805,203 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the world. Thus, 75,933 more people were infected last week.

1,520,315 people recovered over the past week, 36,986 people died. The total number of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 increased over the week: from 7,759,361 patients as of August 31 to 8,083,196 patients as of September 7.

According to Johns Hopkins University, there are 27,249,308 cases of coronavirus infection in the world. 18,213,294 people recovered, 890,971 people died. At the moment, the percentage of recovered is 66.84%, deaths — 3.27%.

The country with the highest number of infections in the United States, with over 6 million cases. Then there are India and Brazil, each with more than 4 million infections. Russia is in fourth place in the number of cases of COVID-19 — more than 1 million people.

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