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In Germany, called on to punish Denmark and complete the “Nord Stream 2” under the protection of the cruiser

Berlin should send an aircraft-carrying cruiser to the pipeline site to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 under its protection. And Denmark must be severely punished for obstacles to the Russian gas pipeline that threaten the energy security of millions of Europeans.

This is how ordinary Germans reacted to the insinuations of Copenhagen, deliberately delaying with permission for the final stage of construction of the Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters. While Berlin and Moscow are trying to peacefully and diplomatically reason Denmark, the end consumers of Russian gas in Europe do not choose expressions and urge their officials to take decisive action. The most severe in terms of countermeasures against the bureaucratic demarche of the Danes were the inhabitants of Germany.

The article on the “Danish threat” to the Russian gas pipeline in the German edition of NDR caused heated discussion among the average burghers. The very first comment under the publication simply deleted Denmark from the equation. The user complained that Berlin behaves too modestly in this situation. Germany should remember the status of the leader of the European Union and act accordingly — to bend Denmark and send a cruiser to protect the pipeline being laid. And let the Danes try to at least pickle.

Another user bitterly noted that if Copenhagen continued to play along the same lines, the Germans would have to recall past skills and stock up on firewood. Berlin is behaving simply inappropriately, allowing some Denmark to jeopardize a vital project.

In general, the Germans demanded a quick and harsh reaction to the Danes' interference, showering Copenhagen with curses and complaining that without Russian gas all of Europe would have to freeze.

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