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In India, the metro started working after 5.5 months

In India, the metro started working after 5.5 months

Every day, almost three million residents and guests of the Indian capital used the services of this mode of transport.

In several Indian cities, including the capital of New Delhi, on Monday, September 7, the subway resumed its work. This was reported by the subway administration on Twitter.

From Monday the subway of New Delhi resumed its work, it will be fully restored in three stages by September 12. Under the conditions of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, special rules for the use of the subway and its operation are being introduced.

Thus, in order to avoid a sharp increase in coronavirus incidence, residents of the capital were recommended to use the subway only if absolutely necessary and with strict observance of quarantine measures.

Also, passengers are allowed at the station after temperature screening and hand disinfection. At the same time, metro trains will not stop at stations with large crowds of passengers.

This week the subway will work in cities such as Bangalore, Jaipur, Kochin, Lucknow, Chennai.

Recall that the subway of New Delhi stopped on March 22 as part of the quarantine, introduced because of the pandemic COVID-19. Every day its services were used by 2.7 million people.

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