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The operating system Harmony OS reached the level of Android 70-80% — Huawei

Harmony OS Chinese Huawei operating system has 70-80% of Google Android, said the head of the consumer department of the Chinese company Yu Chengdong, reported on September 7 portal cnTechPost.

The system is constantly updated and supplemented, explained in Yu Chengdong.

If the United States will continue to block the use of the Chinese company's Google ecosystem, Huawei can offer them its analog and bring it to the global market.

The ban on the use in Western countries services about Google on new devices Huawei has had a catastrophic impact on the demand for smartphones of the company with the Android operating system.

Recall, Huawei is ready to present a version of the operating system Harmony OS 2.0. It can be installed on smartwatches and TVs. On smartphones should be installed the following version of Harmony OS 3.0. Smartphones with it, the company said, will appear in 2021.

The U.S. imposed sanctions against Huawei in May 2019, prohibiting its companies, including Google, to deal with it. Since then, the Chinese company has not available Google services on its new devices, including the Google Play app store. Huawei has developed its analog App Gallery store and is developing its ecosystem, attracting users and developers.

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