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Chinese lunar rover explored a crater on the far side of the moon

Chinese lunar rover explored a crater on the far side of the moon

The lunar crater von Karman on the far side of the Moon was investigated by the Chinese lunar rover of the Chang'e-4 mission. The results of the study were published on September 7 in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy.

Lunokhod “Chang'e-4” with the help of radar illuminated the surface of the crater to a depth of 200 meters. Chinese researchers have determined that the top layer 12 meters thick consists of lunar regolith, to a depth of about 120 meters, the layer consists of particles from neighboring craters.

The middle part, scientists note, is the basalt filling the von Karman crater. The lowest layer is probably the Leibniz crater, more than 200 meters thick.

Recall that in 2019, the Chinese lunar rover Yuytu-2 discovered pyroxene and olivine in the von Karman crater. These minerals are believed to make up the Moon's mantle. It is likely that these minerals made up the volcanic magma that filled the craters after asteroids hit the lunar surface.

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