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In the United States published the testimony of two more officials in the case of impeachment Trump

Morrison did not say that he considers the conversation between the presidents of Ukraine and the USA illegal

In the United States, transcripts of the testimony of two more American officials who spoke to the House Intelligence Committee in the impeachment case of Donald Trump were published.

As it became known, we are talking about a former employee of the US National Security Council Tim Morrison and an employee of US Vice President Mike Pence Jennifer Williams. The transcripts of their testimonies were published in abbreviated form.

Williams said Trump’s insistence on Ukraine to conduct politically sensitive investigations “struck me as unusual and inappropriate.”

She added that the discussion was "more political in nature" than phone calls with other presidents, and included what she said was a specific reference to the "personal political program of the president."

Morrison also expressed concern about Trump's comments.

“I didn’t like to think that President Zelensky should participate in our politics,” he said, adding that in a conversation with Trump Zelensky’s tone was “intrusive.”

Morrison did not say that he considered the conversation illegal or inappropriate. However, he believed that if made public, the conversation would worsen relations with Ukraine. According to Morrison, he only later learned that aid to Ukraine was due to investigations against Joe Biden.

Williams and Morrison are due to publicly testify next week.

Recall, the lower house of the US Congress approved a resolution with official support for the investigation of Trump. This decision of the House of Representatives is the first within the framework of the initiated impeachment procedure.

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