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Amazon has banned the delivery of seeds to the USA from other countries

Amazon has introduced a ban on the import of plant seeds into the United States from abroad — now they cannot be sold on the site of an online retailer. The reason for this is the mysterious packets of seeds from China that continue to arrive in the mail to the Americans, although they did not order them.

Amazon has banned US seed imports from other countries after thousands of Americans from dozens of states announced they had received the mysterious sachets from China, The Guardian reported.

It is reported that parcels with seeds arrive at the post office — with the recipients claiming that they did not place such an order. The overwhelming majority of sachets come from China.

In total, the department received over 8500 shipments with seeds that arrived in 50 states of the country.

According to the ministry, packets of seeds randomly sent to recipients from different countries could be part of a fraudulent scheme where a seller sends out small packages and then publishes fake reviews from buyers to boost their store's rating.

While several countries around the world are conducting their own investigations into the mysterious seeds, Amazon claims that parcels continue to arrive at American postal addresses.

To minimize the potential risk from foreign plants, the platform decided to completely ban the import of seeds from overseas to the United States.

The company's new rules, effective September 3, also include a ban on the sale of seeds in the country by non-US citizens. It is reported that violators of the rules will be sanctioned up to the complete removal of the account from the Amazon platform. It is not yet known whether the ban on the import of foreign seeds will apply to other countries in which the company operates.

In early September, it became known that the US authorities had allowed Amazon to deliver parcels using drones.

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