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In Belgium, the demonstration against quarantine was dispersed

In Belgium, the demonstration against quarantine was dispersed

Most protesters came to the action without masks.

In Brussels, Belgium, on Sunday, September 6, opponents of restrictive measures against the coronavirus began a demonstration that the police decided to stop some time later. This was reported by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

The protesters' posters read: “I breathe freely”, “Live your life, the epidemic is over” and “Masked dead”.

Two people were detained during the action, one of them for hitting a police officer in the face, who was then hospitalized.

Brussels police spokesman Olivier Slossa said that the decision to stop the demonstration was taken because most of the protesters came to the action without protective masks, which are now mandatory in Belgium even in the fresh air, as well as because the protesters did not observe the social distance.

The authorities claimed that the police did not use any special means against the demonstrators, and also issued several verbal warnings to the protesters, which they did not respond to.

On August 29, Berlin, the capital of Germany, hosted another protest against quarantine restrictions that were imposed in the country due to coronavirus proliferation, which gradually developed into clashes with the police. Law enforcers decided to disperse the demonstration because of mass violation of rules after the protesters failed to respond to a request to wear masks. As a result, law enforcement officers brought water cannons to the Brandenburg Gate and detentions began.

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