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Typhoon Maysak destroyed thousands of homes in China

In northeastern China, typhoon Maysak affected a total of 452.7 thousand residents of Heilongjiang province, thousands of houses were destroyed. Xinhua writes about this with reference to the data of local authorities.

“The natural disasters caused by the typhoon-affected 93 counties and districts of this province, led to the evacuation of 9,829 people, as well as the collapse of 1,157 residential buildings and damage to 369.1 thousand hectares of farmland,” the statement said.

It is noted that a tropical cyclone on Thursday brought heavy rain and wind to the province. From Thursday to Friday, up to 171.3 mm of precipitation fell here, the provincial weather service said. The province has deployed a Level 3 Meteorological Disaster Response Mechanism from Wednesday to Friday.

According to the forecasts of the local meteorological service, windy and rainy weather is expected in Heilongjiang province on September 8 due to the approach of the 10th typhoon of Haishen this year.

Also, in the southwestern region of Japan along with the Mariana Islands, typhoon Haisheng is moving, which will approach the Japanese coast from September 6 to 7.

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