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Four shortcomings of Marilyn Monroe, which she skillfully hid from fans

Disadvantages Monroe organically entered into her Hollywood image

We live in a time of body-positive when the stars stop hiding scars, stretch marks, and extra pounds and refuse to retouch during photo shoots. But the heyday of Marilyn Monroe's career came in the 1950s, when Hollywood divas were part of the fairy tale, sung by the cinema, and had to look and speak flawlessly.

Monroe, like any person, had flaws, but she hid them so skillfully that few people still know about them.

Abdominal scar

Marilyn has often appeared naked or in open swimsuits, but few people knew that the actress had to hide a long scar on her stomach — it remained on the skin after surgery to remove the gallbladder.

In staged photo shoots, he was usually retouched or hidden under high-waisted swimming trunks, but in some pictures he is visible. The last photo session of the diva, shortly before Monroe's death, was arranged by the photographer Bert Stern — at the request of the star, he processed the pictures and removed the scar with it, but later sold the original film, which preserved the images of Marilyn in their original form.

Slight squint

It's hard to believe that one of Hollywood's iconic beauties was hiding her squint. At the beginning of her career, this flaw prevented her from auditioning and forced the directors to refuse the pretty actress. Over time, Marilyn learned, with the help of competent makeup and favorable angles, to neutralize this lack of appearance and won the hearts of not only millions of viewers around the world but also the attention of US President John F. Kennedy.

Expressionless chin

From her youth, Monroe dreamed of giving her face a clearer shape, and she was especially not satisfied with the chin that nature awarded the actress — it was too soft and expressionless. Before filming the films that glorified her — “How to Marry a Millionaire”, “There are only girls in jazz”, “The Seven Year Itch” — Monroe decided to take a serious step: he turned to a plastic surgeon, and he put her a sea sponge implant in the chin. For the 1950s, such an operation was a rare and risky decision, and later Marilyn faced unpleasant consequences: the implant began to collapse, and she again had to seek medical help.

Four shortcomings of Marilyn Monroe, which she skillfully hid from fans


For the actress, speech impairment could become a serious obstacle in her career, but even then Marilyn found a way to get around this defect. She began to utter the text in front of the camera with hoarseness and slightly draw out the words — the sexual aspiration became the “highlight” of Monroe and organically fit into her Hollywood image.

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