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Trump was interested in the investigation of the Biden case in Ukraine — US diplomat

The diplomat said that Trump was only interested in the Biden investigation, but the fate of Ukraine was not.

Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst

An employee of the American embassy in Kyiv, David Holmes, believes that American leader Donald Trump in a telephone conversation was interested in starting an investigation in Ukraine against the son of former vice president Joe Biden. The diplomat said this in a closed meeting with American congressmen as part of the proceedings regarding the impeachment of the US president.

The text of the speech of Holmes at this meeting was published by CNN. The diplomat confirmed the allegations of US Chargé d'Affaires to Ukraine William Taylor, who is his boss, regarding the said telephone conversation. According to the version set forth by Holmes, on July 26 he was in a restaurant in Kyiv, along with US Permanent Representative to the EU Gordon Sondland, as well as two colleagues. Sondland then allegedly had a telephone conversation with Trump, and Holmes heard some remarks.

Holmes claims the US president asked Sondland if the president of Ukraine intends to initiate an investigation into the Biden case. The US Permanent Representative to the EU allegedly assured the owner of the White House that the Ukrainian leader was ready to fulfill any requirements of Washington. According to Holmes, after completing this telephone conversation, he asked Sondland how Trump relates to Ukraine. Sondland allegedly replied that Trump was only interested in the Biden investigation, and the fate of Ukraine did not care at all.

Holmes immediately after the events described informed his management of what had happened.

Trump was asked on Wednesday to comment on Taylor's allegations regarding the conversation.

“I don’t know anything about this. For the first time I hear about it,” the American leader replied.

The politician also recalled Sondland's earlier statement.

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