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Britney Spears Supports Britney Freedom Fan Movement

Despite an earlier decision by the court that James Spears will remain his daughter's guardian until February 2021, 38-year-old Britney Spears, along with a personal team of lawyers, continues to fight hard for her freedom. Recently, representatives of the star filed a lawsuit with new documents drawn up on her behalf in order to make public the closed parts of her case.

In the statement, Britney also expressed support for the “FreeBritney” movement, which was launched by fans convinced that the singer is practically being held hostage, and she is under the strict control of her guardians. The star's lawyer challenged the petition of James Spears, who insists on hiding part of the case materials.

Britney herself fiercely opposes her father's attempt to keep some facts of the case important for the court as a family secret. Britney has no health or child problems to hide from the public. Britney welcomes and appreciates the support of her many fans. This is not a conspiracy theory or a joke,

— wrote Britney's lawyer in a statement on behalf of the star.

The new information at the disposal of the court seems to be a direct response to James Spears, who earlier criticized the supporters of the Free Britney movement and accused them of creating a conspiracy theory.
All these conspiracy theorists know nothing. They have no idea what's really going on. Let the California court decide how best to live my daughter. It doesn't concern anyone else.

— the star's father said earlier in an interview with reporters.

Recall that James Spears was appointed guardian of his daughter in 2008 after she suffered a public nervous breakdown. Last year, due to health problems, James transferred custody of his daughter to her personal assistant, Jodie Montgomery. Last month, Britney's lawyers provided the court with documents stating that the singer was strongly opposed to her father continuing to control her property and finances. At the same time, Britney wants to ensure that her temporary guardian Jody will take on this role forever. According to rumors, Spears' main motivation to change the usual state of affairs is her unwillingness to perform more on stage.

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