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Large-scale supply of coronavirus vaccines may begin by mid-2021

Large-scale supply of coronavirus vaccines may begin by mid-2021

The World Health Organization (WHO) expects a large-scale supply of coronavirus vaccines to begin by mid-2021. This was stated on Friday at a briefing by WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan, reports USTN.

“Many clinical trials are underway around the world,” she stated. “In fact, the situation is very optimistic. We see a large pool of candidate vaccines, and we know that in the development of vaccines the success rate is about 10%. hopes that several of them will prove to be effective and safe.“

However, Swaminathan stressed, any vaccine must undergo a full-fledged clinical trial, consisting of three stages.

“We expect the results of vaccines in Phase III clinical trials by the end of this year or early next year,” the expert said. “After that, we will scale up production to produce hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines. Of course, the world needs billions of doses. But it will take time. So, realistically speaking, by mid-2021 we can begin to send vaccine doses to immunize the population.“

“Initially, we will not have enough vaccines to immunize everyone,” she said. “Therefore, it will be necessary to set the right priorities here. It is important that people who need the vaccine first receive it, regardless of which country they live in. There is no point in one country vaccinating the entire population, while others would wait too long. This is why we need a COVAX mechanism, which will allow, in the first stage, to ensure equal and fair distribution of vaccines in consultation with WHO and with the consent of all its participants.”

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