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The world's most expensive coin is up for auction

The auction includes a 1794 silver dollar, which is considered the most expensive coin in the world. In 2013, a similar coin was sold at auction for ten million dollars. Reported by CNN.

The first minted dollar depicts Liberty, stylized as the ancient Greek goddesses. It is noted that in total 1758 such coins were issued, and only about 130 have survived to this day. They were mainly intended for congressmen and honorary citizens of the United States. It is likely that the dollar put up for sale was in the hands of President George Washington.

Earlier it was reported that the success at the auction enriched an amateur treasure hunter from the British county of North Yorkshire, who found the rarest medieval coin. The find was made by a 66-year-old Briton who swept the area with a metal detector for 30 years. According to experts, the coin was minted in the XII century, when an internecine war was going on in England, known to historians as “Anarchy”. The medieval coin was sold for 17 thousand pounds.

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