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US State Department accused Russia and China of PR on the COVID vaccine

If there are vaccines on the market that are ineffective, it will lead to new problems, the US Secretary of State warned.

Russia and China rushed to develop vaccines against coronavirus based on their political interests, public health interests were not taken into account. This was stated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“We saw how the Russians and the Chinese were in a hurry to bring these vaccines to the market in an attempt to make not a medical breakthrough, but a political, diplomatic breakthrough. This does not meet the primary interests of the world,” he stressed.

When asked about confidence in vaccines from Russia and China, the head of the US Department of State replied that the principle “do not trust, but check” should be adhered to.

“I think that with regard to the vaccines that are produced in these countries, this is exactly the model that we will have to use,” he said.

If there are vaccines on the market that are ineffective, Pompeo said it will lead to new problems.

“If we get a vaccine that does not work, it can create more trouble, lead to the death of even more people,” the US Secretary of State stressed.

Recall, according to the WHO, to date, none of the created vaccines against coronavirus has shown the desired effect: at the second and third stages of testing, the effectiveness of all existing drugs was less than 50%.

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