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The $13 billion case: the USA figured out how to reconcile Serbia with Kosovo

Belgrade and Pristina to sign investment agreements

Despite the fact that Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, this will not prevent Belgrade and Pristina from participating in joint projects. Thus, the delegations of the two countries will sign an investment agreement for $13 billion with the United States, and US President Donald Trump will attend the ceremony.

This was announced on Friday, September 4, by the Kosova Klan channel from Pristina.

Sources of the TV channel from the Kosovo delegation report that the parties will sign an agreement on the transfer of the Gazivoda hydroelectric power station under the control of Belgrade. Another point of the agreement will be the accession of Pristina to the “mini-Schengen” (the all-Balkan economic market), which the Kosovars previously actively opposed. The document also includes a one-year moratorium on unrecognized Kosovo joining international organizations.

According to the TV channel, the document envisages investments of $13 billion in joint projects between Belgrade and Pristina, including infrastructure.

The parties are not expected to sign an agreement with each other. Each side will sign such a document with the United States.

The former prime minister of unrecognized Kosovo Ramush Haradinai said he opposed such a document. According to him, if the prime minister of the unrecognized entity Avdulah Hoti signs an agreement with Belgrade, then Haradinai will leave the ruling coalition.

Recall that in January 2017, the then President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic expressed hope that the newly elected US President Donald Trump would support Belgrade in matters of relations with Kosovo.

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