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US Senate Republican Leader Announces Trump Impeachment

The Senate will fully consider the idea of impeachment of the American president

Photo: REUTERS / Yuri Gripas

Leader of the Republican Majority in the United States Senate Mitch McConnell on Wednesday made it clear that the Senate will fully consider the idea of impeachment of US President Donald Trump if this comes from the House of Representatives, where Democrats are conducting an investigation. Earlier, individual Republicans said that in the Senate, where the Republican Party has a majority, a quick vote could occur that would discard the idea of impeachment.

“The rules on impeachment are very clear, the review process should take place. I personally believe that we should give people the opportunity to present their arguments,” McConnell quoted The Hill as saying.

Earlier, we wrote that in September, Democrats in the House of Representatives announced the start of the Trump impeachment procedure because of the pressure that he allegedly exerted on the Ukrainian leadership to initiate an investigation against former US Vice President Joe Biden.

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