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George Clooney tortured neighbors by renovating a mansion

The Hollywood star has already “terrorized” everyone in the neighborhood with the reconstruction of his estate. The constant noise and traffic of construction equipment do not allow people to live in peace. There is no end to the repair.

American actor, director, producer George Clooney has already made enemies in the face of all the neighbors by renovating his mansion in the Studio City area of Los Angeles. Large-scale reconstruction on its site has been going on for more than a year and will continue, as the builders say, for at least another six months, writes The Sun.

George Clooney tortured neighbors by renovating a mansion

Neighbors of 59-year-old Clooney and his wife Amal complain about the incessant noise, many trucks. All work starts early in the morning.

People remember that at the beginning of the reconstruction, the situation was even more deplorable because concrete mixers were working on the site from morning to night, which made a loud noise.

In addition, construction equipment is on the street, leaving no room for local residents' cars.

The publication found out that as a result of work on the plot, another luxurious house, a games complex, a swimming pool, and even its own funicular appeared.

In total, the construction will cost the Hollywood star over one million dollars.

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