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Venezuelan Foreign Ministry refuted accusations of destabilizing Colombia

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreassa, described as insolent the accusations of Colombian President Ivan Duque that Venezuelan deserters intended to undermine stability in the country on September 3 on his Twitter page.

“What impertinence of Ivan Doeke. Now it turns out that hired Venezuelan deserters intended to destabilize Colombia. We gave them accurate information about terrorist operations for 2 years, and they did not lift a finger. They were defending them,” said the minister.

Thus Areas responded to the accusations of the Colombian president, who said that Colombian law enforcement agencies managed to disrupt the operation to destabilize the country, which was financed by the Armed Forces of Venezuela.

The Minister also recalled that earlier the Colombian authorities had “politely escorted” a partner of the detained deserters Cleaver Alcala to the “American VIP plane.

It should be noted that according to the local press in Bogota, four people were arrested who had close ties with the former Venezuelan military officer Cleaver Alcala and the U.S. contractor Jordan Gudro, who is considered the main organizer of “Operation Gideon” — operation of military invasion of Venezuela from the sea in May this year.

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