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Catalan police charged Barcelona president with corruption charges

The president of the Spanish football club Barcelona, ​​Josep Bertomeu, is accused of corruption. This is reported by the publication of El Mundo.

The indictment alleges that Bertomeu received personal financial benefits from transactions made on behalf of the club. According to the source, this is due to the case of large-scale reputational cyberattacks on opponents of the Barcelona president, among whom were, for example, football players Lionel Messi and Gerard Piquet. Earlier, the Cadena SER radio station said that the club itself was the customer of the cyberattack. Also, former players of the Catalan team Xavi, Carles Puyol, and Josep Guardiola could allegedly become victims of cyberattacks.

The prosecution claims that Bertomeu authorized payment for a reputational cyberattack campaign, which cost six times the market value of the service. The Catalan club has denied involvement in the attacks.

Bertomeu is 58 years old and has been Barcelona's president since 2014. Earlier, Barcelona captain Messi, who intends to leave the team due to disagreements with the leadership, made a call to resign in the address of Bartomeu. Bertomeu said he was ready to leave the post of president of Barcelona if Messi renews his contract with the club.

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