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First new generation armored personnel carrier released for the US Army

First new generation armored personnel carrier released for the US Army

The first serial tracked armored personnel carrier AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle — armored multipurpose transporter) rolled out from the production site of BAE Systems Corporation in York, Pennsylvania, Defense News reported.

Initially, the delivery of the lead vehicle was planned in March but was delayed, while, as the newspaper notes, the fight against the coronavirus epidemic brought about a month into this delay. Problems with assembly line equipment reportedly played a major role in the seven-month delay in the program.

The delays resulted in reduced procurement plans for the next fiscal year. The army intends to purchase 32 vehicles instead of the planned 143, the budget for the 2021 fiscal year has been reduced from 445 to $193 million. The total volume of deliveries under the first contract, concluded in 2018, should amount to 450 armored personnel carriers. In total, the army plans to receive about 3,000 vehicles for various purposes on the AMPV platform.

It is reported that the new production is equipped with the most modern equipment, including a digital radiography system, robotic welding, and a number of others. BAE Systems officials say the delay in the rollout of serial production will not affect plans to re-equip military units.

AMPV is a multifunctional armored platform weighing up to 36 tons and a speed of 62 km / h. The crew of the vehicle is two people, the landing is six. The vehicle will be supplied in a number of modifications, including a conventional armored personnel carrier, a medical evacuation transporter, a mobile first-aid post, a radiochemical and bacteriological reconnaissance vehicle, a platform for a self-propelled mortar, a command post vehicle, etc. New armored vehicles are also planned to be supplied to the US allies.

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