“They're trying to stop me”: Trump appealed to the Americans

The presidential statement comes amid impeachment hearings

Photo: REUTERS / Tom Brenner

US President Donald Trump, against the backdrop of hearings on impeachment, turned to the Americans and said that he was “trying to stop him.”

“What is happening in most fraud in the history of American politics. Democrats want to take your weapons, your health insurance, level your votes, take your freedom, the judges you support, they want to take everything,” the president said on Twitter.

Trump noted that now a whole country is at stake.

“Everything is very simple: they are trying to stop me, I am fighting for you, and I will never allow this,” the American leader added.

Earlier, we wrote that in September, Democrats in the House of Representatives announced the start of the Trump impeachment procedure because of the pressure that he allegedly exerted on the Ukrainian leadership to initiate an investigation against former US Vice President Joe Biden. On September 25, a transcript of the July conversation between Trump and Zelensky was published.

In turn, the lower house of the US Congress approved a resolution with official support for the investigation of Trump. This decision of the House of Representatives is the first within the framework of the initiated impeachment procedure.

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