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The US complicates life for Chinese diplomats

The US complicates life for Chinese diplomats

The United States continues its program of political opposition to China. The State Department announced new restrictions on Chinese diplomats: they relate to meeting with American officials, visiting universities, and holding mass events. Beijing, in turn, has already promised to give a “necessary and legal answer.”

“The most serious threat to the United States from a foreign power comes from the Chinese Communist Party,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in an interview with Fox News a new stage in the confrontation with the PRC. Mr. Pompeo argued that the Chinese “infiltrated the United States in a way that Russia did not do.” He said President Donald Trump would not allow the United States to “kneel” on China and directed his anger at Chinese diplomats.

According to the new requirements, Chinese diplomatic workers will now need to obtain permission from the US authorities to visit university campuses, meet with officials and hold events (except for ambassadors), designed for more than 50 people.

The Department of State has taken these measures in response to earlier restrictions imposed by China on US officials. In August, Beijing announced sanctions against 11 US senators, human rights activists, and members of non-governmental organizations. Tellingly, it was also a response — to US restrictions on high-ranking officials in Hong Kong. And they were introduced in response to the entry into force of the national security law in Hong Kong. The American authorities then considered these actions by China to be aggressive towards Hong Kong.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has already responded to Mike Pompeo's statement. His spokesman Hua Chunying called the US actions a violation of international law and the Sino-US agreement on consular relations.

“We call on the State Department to stop undermining bilateral relations,” said Ms. Hua. In an official statement from the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the actions of the State Department were called “a gross trampling on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.” “We will give the necessary and legitimate answer in light of the changing situation,” she promised.

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