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US Department of Justice wants to file an antitrust lawsuit against Google in late September

The US Department of Justice plans to sue Google for antitrust violations this month. This was reported in the US Department of Justice.

According to them, the Minister of Justice — Attorney General William Barr did not heed the arguments of several dozen of the department's lawyers, who did not want to speed up events and offered to give them more time to collect enough compromising evidence on Google. Some of these lawyers refused to sign the draft lawsuit, while others rejected the case in the summer. Employees of the Ministry of Justice are not sure that the collected documents will be enough to prove the company's guilt and win the case in court.

Barr, according to the publication, tasked his subordinates with preparing a lawsuit against Google by the end of September. The Minister of Justice got acquainted with the arguments of the lawyers and considered them unconvincing, leaving the previous term in force. The newspaper believes that Barr in this case is guided not by the official, but by political considerations. The high-profile case against the search engine monopoly will give US President Donald Trump and his administration extra points ahead of the November 3 US elections, the publication said.

In late July, the Subcommittee on Antitrust Policy of the Legal Committee of the US House of Representatives held hearings on the specifics of the work of Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google. According to the chairman of the said subcommittee David Sisilini (Democrat from Rhode Island), the leaders of these companies, answering the questions of the congressmen, admitted that they allow actions that cause concern among the members of the subcommittee.

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