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Trump urged citizens to try to vote twice

Social networking site Facebook said Thursday it will remove videos of US President Donald Trump, speaking in North Carolina on Wednesday, urging fellow citizens to try to vote twice in a presidential election to make sure their vote counts. This is reported by Facebook spokesman Andy Stone.

According to him, “the video violates [social media] policies that prohibit electoral fraud,” and therefore most videos of this part of the speech will be removed from the platform. An exception will be publications where the video episode will be “corrected”, that is, accompanied by text explaining the situation and Trump's words.

During his speech in North Carolina, Trump urged Americans who intend to vote by mail to come to the polling station and try to cast their vote a second time. His words have been interpreted by a number of local experts and political scientists as a call for voters to vote twice. Intentional voting is twice a criminal offense in many US states.

On Thursday at a briefing, White House press secretary Kaylee McEnani said that the American leader's appeal is fully consistent with existing practices of counting votes, in which, if the ballot paper for some reason was not counted in the mail vote, a citizen can go to the polling station and vote again already in person. Trump himself explained his words on Twitter, pointing out that using these tactics, voters will be able to make sure that their vote is taken into account.

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