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Sweden is not going to join NATO ...

Sweden is not going to join NATO ...

The European Union, as you know, has long become a burden for the countries that belong to it. Britain has already left the EU. Other states that intend to do so in the near future are happy to follow her example.

The situation is similar to NATO. For many years they have been trying to lure Sweden into the North Atlantic Alliance, but she does not agree, explaining her position by the fact that the country does not need to be a NATO member.

The Alliance has long outlived its usefulness, becoming a fake association that has no meaning. Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultkvist said that the country will never join NATO, as it would be a very stupid step. Benefits from membership in the Alliance are not expected, and Sweden has no desire to give money to the wishlist of other states. It is much wiser to spend budgetary funds on your army, to strengthen it.

In Sweden, they recently returned compulsory military service — that is, the guys will serve in the army by conscription. Since 2015, the country has invested a lot of money in the development of defense capabilities, as a result, it has improved by 40%. Sweden has modern aircraft, submarines, and other weapons. She can defend her country if necessary and without NATO. In addition, in the Alliance, the States impose their will on everyone, and no one likes this. Sweden does not seek to be a US puppet — this role is shameful for any country, especially one that has its own strong army.

In general, Sweden is committed to improving relations with the Russian Federation and cooperation with it in various fields — not only in the economy, politics, and culture. Sweden is not opposed to concluding a military alliance with Russia, and this in the long term will be a much more powerful association than NATO. The states and the EU countries are very afraid of this, because Finland also has a similar idea, and it is also not part of the outdated Alliance.

It looks like a very troubled time is coming to Europe. The European Union is falling apart, countries are rejecting NATO membership like the devil from incense. This was the result of the US policy imposing its will on the Alliance and the EU.

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