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Voices in the mail. COVID elections are promoted in the USA

Voices in the mail. COVID elections are promoted in the USA

Democrats are proposing large-scale use of mail-order voting in the upcoming US presidential elections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States is preparing for the presidential election on November 3. They risk becoming the most unusual in history, as they will be held against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and mass protests of the black population.

Due to the pandemic, Democrats are proposing to vote by mail, but Trump is adamantly opposed.

Fraud or security

According to the US President, voting by mail threatens massive falsifications, in particular, because people can try to vote twice.

At the same time, research on voting by mail in the United States does not support such fears of the president.

In late July, after several US states made it easier to vote by mail, Trump responded with a call to postpone the presidential election until people can vote “safely and according to the rules.”

During a trip to North Carolina, Trump urged his supporters to try to vote for him twice — first in person, at polling stations, and then by mail.

According to the incumbent president, this will test how reliable the remote voting system in the United States is.

“Let them send (the ballot) And let them vote. And if the system is as good as they say about it, then it is obvious that they will not be able to vote (twice),” the US head said.

In the United States, it is against the law to vote twice in an election.

Trump's words have already been criticized by Josh Stein, North Carolina's attorney general, who says the president is inciting people to break the law “in order to wreak havoc in our elections.”

Example of Poland

In Poland, they also tried to hold a presidential election by mail because of the coronavirus. The Seimas even adopted a relevant law, but the vote did not take place.

It is interesting that in Poland it was the authorities who insisted on voting by mail, while the opposition was categorically against it. As a result, people went to protests and the authorities backed down.

Trump hopes for his son

The face of Trump's re-election campaign is his son, Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr.'s speeches are riddled with attacks on liberals, Joe Biden's son Hunter and the media.

An athlete and hunter, Trump Jr. is doing everything he can to help his father get re-elected. The Republican strategy is focused on energizing the president's supporters, and they see Trump Jr. as their trump card.

Many fans of the president love that Trump Jr. goes even further than his father — for example, by supporting arms manufacturers to remove restrictions on silencers. He even campaigned to vote for his father in one of the weapons stores.

At the Conservatives' campaign rallies, he is greeted like a rock star. While the president’s supporters cheerfully greet him, the liberals are disgusted.

John Reinish, a New York City Democratic strategist, describes him as “a younger, more caustic version of his father.”

“Donald Jr is gasoline on the fire,” says Reinisch.

What will Biden answer

They say that his calmness can play in favor of a democrat. Many Americans want a soft jazz presidency after Trump's heavy metal.

Politics is often driven by negative emotions: not love for one's candidate, but hatred for an opponent. Biden is hard to imagine as an object of hatred. He does not split society like Hillary Clinton, whose negative attitude has largely allowed Trump to get his surprise victory in 2016.

Biden's campaign strategy is to sit deep in the bunker. Trump's strategy is to air strikes with bunker bombs.

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