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The tension between China and the Czech Republic

The Chairman of the Senate of the Czech Republic, Milos Vystrich, paid an official visit to Taiwan. Thus, he greatly angered China.

Now he has become the 'enemy of 1.4 billion citizens of China' and will pay the 'high price' for his deed, — threatened Beijing. But the press in the Czech Republic as well as in other countries welcomes the decision of Written — and urges other politicians to follow his example.

This is the kind of politician we need

Aktualne.cz pays tribute to the President of the Czech Senate, who visited Taiwan against the will of President Milos Zeman:

"Zeman did not dare to support Written against the background of threats from China. He put water in his mouth. His spokesman cries that the Czech Republic since the end of the era of [critical of China] Vaclav Havel has pursued a policy of mutual understanding with his foreign partners. And now, they say, the Czech Republic has become the only country in Europe that has chosen the path of confrontation. We should be glad that there are such politicians as Vystrich. And they must be supported! Germany, France, and Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova expressed their support to the speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic. And our president has done nothing.

Get tickets to Taipei!

According to journalist Edward Lucas, it would be desirable if other states followed the example of the Czech Republic. He writes in his comments for the Alfa publication:

“Violations of taboos have a much greater effect if other states follow the example of 'violators'. Lawmakers and public figures of other freedom-loving countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Ukraine immediately come to mind) should reserve tickets to Taipei — and demand from the leadership of their countries to open their offices there. The cost would be minimal, and the possible effect would be huge. If a visit to Taiwan becomes routine not only to discuss trade, investment, and health issues but also to negotiate security policies, then there is nowhere to go for intimidators from Beijing. They can punish one country — but not all countries at once!

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