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What is it like to be Charly Ebdo five years later?

What is it like to be Charly Ebdo five years later?

Five years after the attack on the journalists of the French satirical magazine Charly Ebdo, the trial of the alleged accomplices of the crime begins in Paris. The terrorists themselves were shot and killed by police. The criminals then killed twelve staff members of the magazine's editorial office, one policeman, and four hostages in a kosher supermarket. The media are writing about how difficult it is to follow the covenant of murdered colleagues today.

Tolerance can cause pain

Satire is a test for freedom of speech,” says writer Emma Riverola on the pages of El Periodico de Catalunya:

“I am not Charly Ebdo. Caricatures often evoke emotions in me that has nothing to do with laughter. A girl and a boy walk on the way to school, but instead of knapsacks, they have coffins on their backs. [And on the faces of masks — this is the caricature that appeared on the cover of the magazine on August 26 on the eve of the new school year]. And the signature: Will they finish this year? But it is by defending such a tasteless caricature or a stupid rhyme of Valtonyc [a Spanish rapper convicted of insulting the King] that we defend the right to free speech — in the full sense of the word. Even if this freedom interferes with someone or hurts someone, to accept the caricature is to be vaccinated against intolerance and blind hatred. At the end of the day I can say: in the fight against armed terror, I am definitely Charly!

We won't do anything like that anymore

On the occasion of the start of the trial in Paris, Charly Ebdo magazine reprinted the sensational cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. But the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which originally published these cartoons, now distances itself from this story and makes the following statement:

“Now we have the courage to say everything as it is: yes, it is too dangerous. Our decision is based on fear of what might happen. But: fear is an absolutely legitimate feeling. Jyllands-Posten has been living for 15 years now under the protection of special services that constantly monitor the danger. We know what a mental siege is. However, the fact that we set priorities differently does not mean that we no longer defend freedom of speech. Colleagues from Charly Ebdo magazine have paid the ultimate price for protecting free speech. And for that, we pay tribute to them today.”

The insult is to believe that one should not criticize Muslims

The intellectual climate in the country has changed, — writes Causeur:

“There is frustration among the magazine's adherents. Emmanuelle Macron yesterday reminded us of our right to blasphemy. But the idea that religions — and especially one particular one — should not be criticized finds increasing resonance among politicians, journalists, and believers of all kinds. It stigmatizes those groups that are already discriminated against. And there is nothing to draw caricatures on them because it can provoke a violent reaction — up to and including violence... Insulting Islam or another religion, of course, cannot be an end in itself. But it is those who believe that Muslims are unable to endure 'suffering of freedom' (in the words of Alain Finkelkraut) — they are the ones who insult Muslims the most.

The dangerous tendency to self-censorship

In the last five years, the perception of press freedom has changed, — this is the comment on the pages of Le Figaro by musician and playwright Benjamin Sire:

“Five years after the shooting of journalists Charly Ebdo, the spirit of this publication is more questioned than ever — as is the principle of caricature itself. Proof of this is the recent — and very disturbing — decision by the New York Times editorial staff not to post any more cartoons on their pages so as not to provoke public opinion... Unfortunately, by refusing a heated discussion through irony and cartoons, we are giving green light to all sorts of sensors and totalitarianists who may then strike back.

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