A court in the U.S. found Snowden's intelligence surveillance illegal

The U.S. National Security Agency's mass wiretap program, which Edward Snowden uncovered seven years ago, was illegal. The decision was approved by the Federal Court of Appeals on September 2, the press office of the American Civil Liberties Defense Alliance reported.

“The Federal Court of Appeals just ruled that the NSA mass collection of phone records of Americans was illegal. This decision, confirming what we've always known, is a victory for our rights to privacy,” it says.

The court found, that the situation with the massive collection of NSA data under the pretext of combating foreign terrorism falls under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to it, the invasion of privacy by law enforcement agencies is possible only on the basis of a court decision. Moreover, the evidence collected in violation of this amendment is considered null and void.

The reason for considering the legality of this program was the appeal of four members of the Somali diaspora, convicted of sending 11 thousand dollars to terrorists abroad. They claimed that the evidence against them was collected using an illegal surveillance program. At the same time, the court noted that in a particular case, the surveillance did not play a role in the conviction.

Seven years ago, when the news announced that I was being accused as a criminal for telling the truth, I had no idea that I would love to see our courts condemn the NSA activities as illegal, and in the same ruling, they would give me credit for exposing them.

“Seven years ago, when it was announced in the news that I was being accused of a crime for telling the truth, I couldn't have imagined that I would survive the moment our courts assessed the NSA's activities as illegal and in the same ruling they would give me credit for exposing them,” Snowden said of yesterday's ruling.

Recall that in June 2013, the British newspaper The Guardian and the American The Washington Post published exposes on illegal NSA data collection. Snowden gave the information about this to the newspapers.

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