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In Nigeria, a cannabis plantation the size of three soccer fields was eradicated

In Nigeria, a cannabis plantation the size of three soccer fields was eradicated

A 10-hectare field of Indian hemp (cannabis Sativa) was destroyed by the Nigerian National Anti-Drug Agency (NDNA), agency commander Alfred Adevumi told journalists on September 2 at a meeting.

According to an NNABN spokesman, a drug plantation was discovered in the Okula community, located in the local government district of Kogi State's CAF. During the investigation, investigators identified the alleged farm owner, 42-year-old Clement Akor. He was arrested along with his accomplice David Ameh.

Adevumi noted that three days earlier, his department had taken into custody two criminals who had been caught with 36.2-kilogram packs of Sativa's cannabis. He strongly condemned the increasing illicit use and cultivation of cannabis Sativa in the state.

“What you see today is definitely more than three soccer fields put together... Just look around at the vast expanses of cannabis farms... I am concerned about this sad development. I thought Kogi wouldn't go down to this point,” the commander added.

At a press conference, the Nigerian head of department assured journalists that the command intends to strengthen measures to combat drug use and until criminal production from the state is completely eliminated.

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