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Pakistan warns the world community about possible nuclear war with India

Pakistan warns the world community about the possibility of a nuclear war with India in connection with the escalation of the situation in Kashmir, the head of the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir, Masoud Khan, told reporters.

“There is a possibility that even a limited military conflict will develop into a nuclear war,” he said.

Khan added that Pakistan is not trying to initiate a war. “We are predicting a realistic scenario so that the international community can intervene and put pressure on India, convincing it to reverse its illegal actions,” the politician explained.

In his opinion, in the event of an open phase of a military conflict, “other countries will not be directly involved in this.” “If there is a war between India and Pakistan, it will be very fast and vile. And it will be deadly. It will be armageddon. Hundreds of millions of people will die in South Asia, radiation will affect 2.5 billion people around the world,” Khan emphasized.

He called on the international community, led by the UN Security Council, to intervene in the situation and direct it into diplomatic channels.

Pakistan reacted sharply when on August 5, New Delhi introduced direct federal government in Jammu and Kashmir. It was reported that the parties began to draw troops to the border. India and Pakistan have already fought three times over Kashmir. Now both countries possess nuclear weapons.

After the Muslim regions of British India formed a separate state of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir became the only Indian state where the majority are Muslims. The separatists are active there, of which the Pakistani authorities accuse New Delhi of support. Islamabad rejects these allegations, saying that the residents of Kashmir are independently fighting for their rights.

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