Robbie Williams confesses to being neurotic and leaves for Switzerland

Robbie Williams confesses to being neurotic and leaves for Switzerland

British pop singer Robbie Williams admitted on BBC radio that he was “a little neurotic,” so he left with his wife and children to live in Switzerland to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic. Writes about this Daily Mail.

During the interview, the artist was asked if he lives in his home in Los Angeles or Malibu. Williams replied that he lived in the mountains of Switzerland. “I’m a little neurotic, and I wondered where I could live, where this (coronavirus) won’t overtake me? And I decided that it would be nice to live in Mont Blanc for six months, ” the singer explained.

Williams also admitted that he loves to spend time with his family, but he can't wait to get back to work and start performing on stage again.

Robbie Williams is married to actress Ayda Field. The couple has four children: the eldest Teddy, five-year-old Charlie, young daughter Collette, and son Bo.

In November 2019, it became known that Robbie Williams had lived for 13 years without a mobile phone. “I have not had a phone since 2006. I always use my laptop, I always have Wi-Fi access, ” explained the celebrity. According to the star, other people publish posts on social networks for him.

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