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Trump has banned the publication of a statement on the conflict in the Kerch Strait

High-ranking officials in the White House blocked the publication of the incident, the ex-adviser to Walker said.

The former adviser to the former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, Christopher Anderson, said President Donald Trump forbade the White House to publish statements about Russia's capture of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. He said this during testimony to the committees of the House of Representatives, a transcript of the hearing was published on National Public Radio.

As he noted, on the day when Russia captured Ukrainian sailors and ships, the State Department prepared a statement condemning Russia for escalating in the Kerch Strait, but its publication was blocked in the White House.

Anderson sent a message to the then US Special Representative for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, that the president had banned any statements about what had happened. He explained that he linked the ban with a lack of information.

A previously freed sailor spoke of an attack in the Kerch Strait. Andrei Eider told how shells flew during an attack on Ukrainian ships, how he was injured and how Russian doctors treated him.

Recall that on September 7, Ukraine and Russia exchanged held persons using the 35 to 35 formula.

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