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Salma Hayek posted a photo in a swimsuit in honor of her 54th birthday

Today is Salma Hayek's birthday. The day before, the star shared a photo with fans in which she poses on a mountain top by the sea in a black swimsuit, pareo, and wide-brimmed hat.

Guess who will be 54 tomorrow? By the way, this is not an old photo! Thank you, Marjo, for turning into a photographer during your vacation!

— the actress signed the picture.

However, no one doubted that the photo was taken recently: Hayek is constantly working on himself and never misses a workout. The actress keeps fit through yoga and strength exercises.

I study with a trainer from London. She taught me to keep my body in such a way that the muscles are active all day. Therefore, even when you brush your teeth, you are working out small muscles,

— the star once shared, noting that a special breathing technique helps to almost constantly keep the stomach, buttocks, back, legs, and arms in tension.

Former trainer Sarah Shears told Shape that the star's workouts are short (about 30 minutes each), but she goes to fitness five to seven days a week. Hayek does literally everything from Pilates to HIIT.

Salma Hayek posted a photo in a swimsuit in honor of her 54th birthday

We did a lot of kickboxing and strength training, danced. Combined cardio and high-intensity interval training with exercises that increase heart rate,

Shears said.

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